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Life-Long Learning


1978 Frederick S. Berg Listening & Speech Management
  Thomas S. Johnson VARP: Vocal Abuse Reduction Program
  Carol Prutting Linguistic Factors in Teaching Language
  Merlin Mecham Auditory & Perceptual Processing of Language
  Thomas Longhurst Language Intervention
  Marion Ernst Auditory Perceptual Aspects of Educational Audiology
  Janis M Costello Individualized Educational Programming in Communicative Disorders
  Thomas C Clark Parent- Infant Program Through Home Intervention
  Steven H Viehweg Impedance Audiometry in the Public Schools
Thomas Clark
Programming for Hearing Impaired Infants
  Thomas S. Johnson Vocal Abuse Reduction Program
  Fred Berg LAS- PAC & the Video Articulator
  Jay R, Jensen Treatment of Dysarthric Patients
  Willard R. Zemlin Anatomy of Speech & Hearing: Contemporary Issues
  James C. Blair The Psycho-educational Implications of Hearing Loss for Children, Parents, Teachers, & Schools
  Kenneth J. Knepflar Stuttering Therapy for Children & Youth
  John R. Muma Language Concepts, Assessment, & Intervention
  Marion P. Downs Middle Ear Problems of Children
  Steven H. Viehweg Hearing Aid Practicalities for the Speech Pathologist
  Noel D Matkin Pediatric Audiology: Comprehensive Audiologic Management
1981 Steven H. Viehweg Impedance/ Admittance (Immitance) Audiometry Applied to the Public Schools
  John C. Rosenbek Apraxia: Assessment & Remediation
  Robert W. Keith Central Auditory Assessment
  Daniel Ling The Integration of Speech & Language Teaching


James McLean & Lee Snyder- McLean


Transactional Approach to Language Assessment & Training
  Frederick Berg, Steven Viehweg, Barbara Terry, James Blair Educational Audiological Evaluation & Referral
  Thomas C. Clark Parent Infant Programming: The SKI*HI Model
  Daniel Boone Voice Problems in Children: Vocal Therapeutics
  James C. Blair Educational Audiological Management
  Jackyn Littledike Diagnosis & Treatment of Velopharyngeal Insufficiency in Cleft & Noncleft Individuals
1983 Michael J. Cevette & Steven H. Viehweg Auditory Brain Stem Response
  Lawrence D. Shriberg Analysis & Treatment of Phonological Disorders
  David Luterman Emotional Support for the parent of a Hearing Impaired Child & for the Parent Advisor
  Steven H. Viehweg Impedance/ Admittance (Immitance) Audiometry Applied to the Public Schools
  Mark Ross Hard of Hearing Children in Regular Schools
  Hilde S. Schlesinger Language Processing, Sign Language, & Social- Emotional Development in the Young Hearing Impaired Child
  Thomas S. Johnson Precision Evaluation and Management fo Hyper Functional Voice Problems
  Nancy Helm-Estabrooks Treatment Approaches in Adult Aphasia
1986 David Cyr Clinical Assessment of the Vestibular & Ocular Motor Systems
  James C. Blair The Psyco-Educational Implications of Hearing Loss on Children, Parents, Teachers, & Schools
  Patricia C. Lindamood Stimulating Self-Correction in Speech, Spelling, Reading: the Clinician's Role
  Sue Watkins Early Communication & Cognition Programming for H.I. Children
  Frederick S. Berg Classroom Listening for the Hard of Hearing Child
  Raymond D. Kent Developmental Perspectives on Fluent & Disfluent Speech
  Jaclyn Littledike Resonance Problems in Cleft & Noncleft Individuals: Evaluation & Treatment
  Charlann S. Simon Communication Skills & Classroom Success: Assessment, Intervention, & Educator Inservices
  Jay R. Jensen Developmental Verbal Apraxie- A Review of Assessment & Treatment Procedures
  Leija V. McReynolds What is an Articulation Disorder & How Should it be Treated?
  Steven H. Viehweg Basis of Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response (ABR)- A Presentation for Non-Audiologists
  Panel: Leija McReynolds, Jay R. Jensen, Public School SLP's & Various Administrators Practicality Versus Theory in Assessment & Treatment fo Articulation & Language Disorders
1987 SKI*HI Institute  
  James MacDonald Communicating Partners: A Workshop on Building Communicative Relationships Between Adults & Children
  June Downing Enhancing the Communication Skills of the Student with Severe- Profound Miltiple Disabilities
  Ann McKeehan, Early Childhood Dysfluency: Prevention Issues & Management Techniques
  Lynda Miller Adolescents: Languageuage, Learning, & Academic Success
  Sonia Manuel-Dupont Assessment & Remediation of Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Populations in the U.S.
  Don W. Worthington Evaluation of Hearing in the Young Child
  Samuel G. Fletcher Measuring Dimensions of Speech Performance
  L. Clarke Cox Auditory Evoked Potentials in Pediatric Populations
  Steven H. Viehweg Hearing And Practicalities for the Speech Pathologist
  Noel D. Matkin Treatment of Central Auditory Deficiencies
1991 Jon F. Miller Assessment & Measurement of Language Production Disorders in School age Children
  Karen Conoway A Practical Approach to Using a Communication-based Classroom Model for Providing Speech & Language Services in a Public School Setting
  Judith K. Montgomery What Lies Ahead?- Looking at Your Own Professional Situation: Planning & Preparing for Your Future
  Li-Rong Lilly Cheng Cross-Cultural Communicative Competence: Styles, Assessment, Intervention
  Audrey Holland New Approaches to Management of Indiciduals Who Have Neurogenic Cognitive Disorders
  Ron Leavitt Group Amplification Systems for Students with Hearing Impairment
  Mary Pat Moeller Evaluation of the Communicative Skills of Hearing-Impaired Children
  Mary Pat Moeller Language Intervention with Hearing-Impaired Children: Thought-Provoking Approaches
  Allen Montgomery New Developments in Otoacoustic Emissions, Tinnitus, and Aural Rehabilitation
1992 David Krych Traumatic Brain Injury In Children & Adults: Recognition & Treatment
  Susan Nittrouer What Every Child Needs to Know About Phonemes
  Ann McKeehan Direct Fluency Treatment for Children & Adolescents Who Stutter: Procedures, Problems, Possibilities
  Gail Chermak Beyond Diagnosis: Strategies & Techniques for Management of Central Auditory Processing disorders Across the Lifespan
  Ken Barker Effectively Using Para-Professionals
  McCay Vernon Parental Coping with the Deaf Child
  Freeman King The Bilingual/ Bicultural Approach to Educating the Deaf Child
  Ted Glattke Electrocochleography & Auditory Evoked Potentials: New Peeks at Old Peaks
  Ted Glattke Otoacoustic Emissions- New Basic & Clinical Tools
  Brandt Culpepper Behavioral Assessment Techniques for Testing Hearing in Infants & Young Children
  Frederick Berg Listening in Classrooms
1993 Louis Rossetti Neuro-Developmental Assessment & Intervention for Infants & Toddlers
  Betsy Meiner-Reid Inclusion: A Better Way to Say Hello!
  Betsy Meiner-Reid Assisstive Technoloty: Assessment & Intervention
  Judith Trost- Cardamone Assessing & Treating Craniofacial Speech Disorders
  Chris Hagen Diagnosis & Treatment of Language Disorders Secondary to Head Trauma
  Judith S. Gravel Audiologic Assessment & Selection & Management of Amplification in Infants & Young Children
  Judith S. Gravel Communication & Developmental Sequelae of Otitis Media
  Brandt Culpepper & Steven Viehweg Clinical Interpretations of the TEOAES & DPOAES
  Linda Thibodeau Classroom Amplification Systems: Selection, Evaluation, & Maintenance
1994 Janet Norris & Paul Hoffman Whole Language: New Theories & Intervention Practices
  Carol J. Strong, Narratives: Language Assessment & Intervention
  Beth Foley Technology in the Classroom: Assisting Students with Communicative Disorders
  James A. Till Assessment & Treatment of Motor Speech Disorders in Adults & Children
  Mary Ann Witzel Identification of Craniofacial Syndromes
  Judy Stone The Human Factor: Improving Counseling & Relationship Skills
  Sandy Harvey Empowerment for Parents & Educators of the Deaf
  Nancy Tye- Murray Aural Rehabilitation: What Services are Worth Providing?
    Cochlear Implants: A Viable Alternative for Profoundly Deaf Individuals
1995 Gerry Wallach Language & Literacy-Based Strategies for Classroom Success & Beyond: Meeting the Needs of Children & Adolescents with Language Learning Disabilities
  Paul Deputy Integrating Phonologic/ Articulatory Treatment Approaches
  Julie M. Liss Assessment & Treatment of Childhood Motor Speech Disorders
  Phillip Schneider A "Self Adjustment" Approach to Long Term Fluency Enhancement
  Phillip Schneider Beginning/ Enhancing Your Private Practice
  Richard Seewald Pediatric Hearing Aids
  Nat.'l Consortium on Universal Screening Neonates with Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions
  Newborn Hearing Screening  
  Rick Goodwin Part I- A Practitioner's View: Basic Assessment & Treatment of Cognitive Deficits
  Rick Goodwin Part II- A Practitioner's View: Basics fo Swallowing Assessment & Intervention
  Freeman King & Jan Kelley-King Intensive American Sign Language Workshop for Beginners
1997 Robert J. Shprintzen Assessment & Treatment of Common Syndromes Including Velo-Cardio-Facial (VCF) Syndrome
  Kim Corbin-Lewis , Heather Dove Steven Gray, Marshall Smith Current Trends in Diagnosis & Management of Voice Disorders
  Carol J. Strong The Magic of Narratives: Assessment & Intervention
  Beth Foley Special Considerations in Using Augmentative & Alternative Communication
  Joseph Duffy Differential Diagnosis of Acquired Motor Speech Disorders
  Michael Cevette Contemporary Issues in Audiologic & Vestibular Testing
  Peggy Von Almen Benson, Marsha L. Adams School-Age Hearing Screening Programs & Follow-Up
  Beth Cardell Practical Methods of Assessing & Treating Brain Injury
  Jan Kelley-King Intensive American Sign Language Workshop
1998 Barbara Culatta The Interactive Approach to Language and Literacy: Combining Meaning with Skills-Based Approaches
  Barbara Culatta Learning to Love Social Studies and Science: How to Facilitate Expository Comprehension and Production
  Dianne Mulick-Altuna Speech Considerations in the Child with Craniofacial Anomalities
  Roberta J. Elman, Ellen Bernstein-Ellis Aphasia Treatment Groups: Efficacious and Cost-Effective Options for Delivery of Services
  Kristin A. Chmela Practical Stuttering Therapy Approaches: Comparing & Contrasting Intervention Strategies for the Preschool and School-Age Child
  Petra M. Rose What We Should Know About Teaching the Deaf: Speech and Listening--A Deaf Culture Perspective
  Heather Kendrick, Jill Henderson Intensive Sign Language Workshop
  Steven Viehweg, Kenneth Curtis Fitting of Digital and Digitally Programmable Hearing Aids
  Paul A. Wheeler, James C. Blair Classroom Acoustics and Amplification: Problems, Potentials, Profiles
1999 Roberta Depompei Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Issues for Reintegration to School and Community
  Beth Foley Balanced Literacy Instruction for Students Who Use AAC
  Ann McKeehan Failures in Written Language and the Speech-Language Pathologist: Successful Public School Experiences
  Robert Lee Folmer Tinnitus
  Freeman King & Jan Kelley-King The Deaf Child in Public Education: Issues and Concerns
2000 Oren L. Brown Co-sponsor with USU Music Department
2001 Vicki Simonsmeier Introduction to Pediatric Oral-Motor and Swallowing Disorders
  Ronald B. Gillam Clinical Implications of Information Processing Problems in Children
  Ronald B. Gillam Phonological Awareness and Literacy in Children
  Nancy L. McKinley Language Disorders in Older Students: Delivery Models and Intervention Ideas
  Robert Beecher What the SLP Needs to Know to ve a Valuable Member of the Medical Team
  John Ribera Hot Topics in Audiology
  Curt Radford Sign Language
2002 David W. Hammer Apraxia of Speech in Children
  Li-Rong Lilly Cheng Millenium Generation: Challenges for the Speech-Language and Hearing Professionals
  Elaine Pollock Managing Students with Brain Injury in the School Setting
  Vicki Prouty & Michele Fagan Language Strategies for Children: Primary, Elementary, Advanced
  Linda Lombardino Predicting, Assessing, and Treating Reading Disabilities: The Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist
2003 Mary Koch Bringing Sound to Life: Principles & Practices of Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation
  Wayne A. Secord Classroom Assessment & Intervention--A Few Things Done Well!
  Wayne A. Secord Designing IEPs that Mirror School Performance
  Peter R. Ramig Treatment of School-Age Children who Stutter
  Shirley Leew Finding the Keys--Evaluating Social-Pragmatic Communication Skills in Children with Autism
2004 Gregory Lof For Clinicians: An Articulation/Phonology Update
  Cheryl Tomoeda Understanding Human Memory & the Emerging Science of Dementia Management
  Kate Emerich Management of Voice Disorders
  Beth Foley & Tobey Fields Balanced Language & Literacy Instruction for Students with Complex Communication Needs
  Irene Campbell-Taylor Adult & Pediatric Swallowing Disorders
2005 Joseph Duffy Management of Acquired Dysarthrias
  Pelagie Beeson Learning Approaches for Aphasia, Alexia, and Agraphia
  Glenis Benson Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders
  Shari Robertson Supporting Language, Learning, and Literacy: Stress-Free Strategies that Work!
  Vicki Simonsmeier Developmental Apraxia of Speech--Do We Know What it is?
2006 Kenn Apel Word Study: A Multimple Linguistic Approach to Literacy Instruction
  Michelle Garcia Winner Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day: The ILAUGH Model of Social Cognition
  Eileen Marrinan Assessment and Treatment of Cleft Palate Related Speech Disorders
  Ronald & Sandra Gillam Assessment and Intervention of Children's Narratives
  Sandra & Ronald Gillam Evidence-Based Practices in Child Language Intervention

Stephen Camarata

Chlld Language
  Jay Rosenbek Aphasia
  Anne van Kleeck Child Literature
  Lynn Williams Phonology
  Kenneth Logan Fluency
2008 Patty Prelock AutismSocial Communication Interventions for Chidren with Autism
  Nancy Creaghead Addressing Lang and Literacy Golas in the Classroom in Collaboration with Teachers
  Brian Goldstein Phonological Development and Disorders in Spanish-English Bilingual Children
  Carol Flexer Auditory Brain Development: The Key to Listening, Language, and Literacy
  Bonnie Singer Instrution and Intervention Methods: Putting Students in Control of Their Writing
2009 Goldstein Child Language Disorders
  Bourgouis Traumatic Brain Injury
  Sullivan Dysphagia
  Hodson Treating Unintelligible Speech
  Geller Effective Supervision
2010 Shari Robertson Meeting the Literacy Challenge
  Shari Robertson SLP Success Strategies
  Todd Houston Auditory Learning for Children
  Ken Bleile Developmental Speech Disorders
  Rosalind Scudder Strengh-Based Supervision
2011 David Shapiro Assessment and Treatment of Fluency
  David Shapiro Improving Clinical Supervision
  Elizabeth Crais Early Identification and Intervention for Young Children With Autism
  Julie Wolter Childhood Language and Literacy
  Amy Meredith Therapy Recommendations for Severe Childhood Apraxia
2012 Mindy Bridges Identification of Reading Disabilities
  Cathy Binger Effective Approaches in Using Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC)
  Bonnie Brinton Effective Treatment of Social Language Issues
  Kristine Tanner Asssessing and Treating Vocal Pathologies
  Lilly Cheng Multi-Cultural Communication
2013 Joseph Duffy Differential Diagnosis and Management of Acquired Dysarthria
  Joe Murray Accuracy and Variation in Dysphagia Assessments
  Emily Rubin Neurodevelopment & Social Competence in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  Gregg Lof An Evidence Based Speech Sound Disorders Update
  Barbara Ehren Helping Adolescents Meet the Language Demands of Disciplinary Literacy
2014 Elizabeth Peña Working with Bilingual Children: Assessment and Treatment Considerations
  Ron & Sandi Gillam Assessing and Supporting Knowledge in Language and Literacy: A SKILL
  Scott Yaruss Practical Treatment Strategies for School-Age Children Who Stutter
  Jackie Gartner-Schmidt Contemporary Voice Care: Voice Assessment and Therapy from A-Z
  Leora Cherney Neuroplasticity, Technology, and the Changing “Face” of Aphasia Treatment
2015 Kristi Blaiser Working with Children with Cochlear Implants
  Scott Yaruss Practical Treatment Strategies for Preschool Children Who Stutter
  Jared Schultz Clinical Supervision: Exploring the Foundation of Student Development
  Edythe Strand Management of Apraxia of Speech: Children and Adults
  James Coyle Medical SLP Diagnostic & Treatment Decision-Making - Modern Tactics And Strategies