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Letter of Recomendation

Undergraduate students often need letters of recommendations to apply to graduate school. Students should contact individual instructors to request letters.


  1. If you do not plan to apply to graduate school for at least a year please wait until a few months before your application deadlines to ask for a letter.
  2. It is recommended that you have your third letter written from someone outside the department to give a broader perspective of your qualifications.
  3. Please allow at least 4 weeks for letters to be written. If it is fewer than 4 weeks from the deadline, there is no guarantee that your letter will be completed on time.
  4. Please do not request a letter of recommendation until you are within one semester of applying for admission to graduate schools.
  5. Be aware that we cannot send printed letters to your home address without sealing them and signing the seal. This ensures authenticity for both us and you. If you need your proffessor/s to send a printed letter or form by mail, please send pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes (and the appropriate rating sheets if required) to: (Professor's Name Here) Department of Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education 1000 Old Main Hill Utah State University Logan, UT 84322-1000 Envelopes and forms need to be RECEIVED at least three weeks ahead of your deadline.
  6. We cannot send letters to your personal email address.
  7. Please be aware that if you are working towards a degree we cannot write you a letter until you have completed at least 6 courses.
  8. The gender field allows your professor to use the correct pronouns in your letter in the case that your name is gender-ambiguous.
  9. Please complete both Part 1 and Part 2 below.

Part 1

Please provide the following information and click "Submit" when finished. Then continue with part 2.

Privacy Notice


Click the SUBMIT button to the right before going on to part 2.

Part 2

Please combine the following as PDFs into one zip file and name your file in the following format: Firstname_Lastname_Month_Day_Year.pdf (e.g. Jane_Doe_01_23_1968.pdf)

  • A copy of your resume
  • A copy of your USU transcript
  • Any Letter of Recommendation forms required by the school if they are not online (Please fill out all required places on the forms before sending or uploading!)
  • Confidentiality form (found at following link: Confidentiality.pdf)
  • A Word document on why you are interested in the profession and graduate school (A letter of intent or your professional interest paper from COMD 5900 would also be appropriate).

Upload your zip file using the "File Submissions" upload link located on the right of the screen.

Contact our department if you have any questions by calling (435) 797-8240.