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Self Test

Is a Degree or Leveling Coursework in the Field of Communication Sciences and Disorders Right For Me? Reflect upon your motivation, strengths, support, and personality and ask yourself the following questions:

Can I Be a Great Student?

The goal is to be a great student, not just a good one! To improve the potential for greatness, students should evaluate their current load of additional responsibilities outside of their educational commitments as well as their support systems while being students. A strong grade point average (GPA) is very important for students pursuing a degree in COMDDE from Utah State University. Graduate programs across the country, including our own, typically accept students with high GPAs. Grades lower than a B- in COMD major courses will likely be viewed as unacceptable by graduate schools. The average GPA of students accepted into graduate school in our department over the last 5 years is 3.7 – 3.8, calculated on the last 60 credits completed. Students with lower GPAs may have difficulty being accepted into graduate school programs.

Would This Profession Be Satisfying To Me?

You will likely enjoy the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology if you are a very strong "people" person who enjoys working with others, practicing patience, and making a difference in lives. You need strong skills in interpersonal interaction, oral and written communication, critical thinking, time management, and life-long learning. Two distinctive attributes of audiologists are close attention to detail and ease with technology.  Speech-language pathologists are comfortable creating or adapting  assessment or treatment solutions based on clinical expertise and research evidence. If your strengths are in other areas, you would likely do better in another profession.

Is It Financially Worth It To Go Into This Profession?

A college education is a major expense and an investment. The cost of education versus potential salaries should be considered before beginning any educational or vocational program.

Can I Get Accepted Into Graduate School?

Graduate school acceptance is very competitive. There are many more students who apply than there are openings. GPA is one very important consideration. Grades lower than a B- in COMD major courses will likely be viewed as unacceptable by graduate schools.

Can I Maintain a High GPA Without Repeating Courses?

If a student’s GPA falls below 3.0 in our programs, he or she must retake classes until the GPA is raised to at least 3.0. COMDDE allows up to 3 COMD repeats. Some graduate schools may frown on repeated courses on a transcript even when the repeated course grade is much higher than the original one.

Do I Have Other Options If I Do Not Earn A Master’s Degree?

For further discussion about any of these questions, you should contact a USU COMDDE advisor.