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Teresa Ukrainetz

Teresa Ukrainetz

PhD, S-LP(C)

Assistant Department Head & SLP Division Chair


Contact Information

IconPhone: 435-797-1384


Selected Publications  Ukrainetz, T.A. (in press). Commentary on “Reading Comprehension is not a Single Ability”: Implications for Language Intervention. Invited article forLanguage, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools. Petersen, D.B., Chanthongthip*, H., Ukrainetz, T.A., Spencer, T.D., & Steeve, R.W. (in press). Dynamic assessment of narratives: Efficient, accurate classification of bilingual students with language impairment. To appear in Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools. Ukrainetz, T.A. (2016). Strategic intervention for expository texts: Teaching text preview and lookback. Perspectives on Language, Learning, and Education, 1, 99-108. Ukrainetz, T.A. (2015). School-age language intervention: Evidence-based practices. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.  Ukrainetz, T.A. (2015). Improving text comprehension: Scaffolding adolescents into strategic reading. Seminars in Speech and Language, 36, 17-30. Ukrainetz, T.A., Nuspl, J.J., Wilkerson, K., & Beddes, S.R. (2011). The effect of syllable instruction on phonemic awareness in preschoolers. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 26, 50-60. Ukrainetz, T.A. & Gillam, R.B. (2009). The expressive elaboration of imaginative narratives by children with specific language impairment. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 52, 883-898. McGee, L.M., & Ukrainetz, T.A. (2009). Using scaffolding to teach phonemic awareness in preschool and kindergarten. Reading Teacher, 62, 599-603. Ukrainetz, T.A. (2009). Phonemic awareness: How much is enough within a changing picture of reading instruction? Topics in Language Disorders, 29, 344-359. Ukrainetz, T.A., Ross, C.L., & Harm, H.M. (2009). An investigation of treatment scheduling for phonemic awareness with kindergartners at risk for reading difficulties. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 40, 86-100. Ukrainetz, T.A.(2008).Phonemic awareness instruction for preschoolers: The evidence for pre-phonemic versus phonemic tasks. EBP Briefs, 2, 47-58. Ukrainetz, T.A. (Ed.) (2006). Contextualized Language Intervention: Scaffolding PreK–12 Literacy Achievement. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed. Ukrainetz, T.A., Cooney, M.H., Dyer*, S.K., Kysar, A.J. , & Harris, T.J. (2000). An investigation into teaching phonemic awareness through shared reading and writing. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 15, 331-355. Ukrainetz, T.A., Harpell, S., Walsh, C., & Coyle, C. (2000). A preliminary investigation of dynamic assessment with Native American kindergartners. Language, Speech and Hearing Services in Schools, 31, 142-153. Ukrainetz, T.A. (1998). Stickwriting stories: A quick and easy narrative notation strategy. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in the Schools, 29, 197-207. McFadden, T.U. (1998). Sounds and stories: Teaching phonemic awareness in print contexts. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 7, 5-13.    McFadden, T.U. (1998). The immediate effects of pictographic drafting on children’s narratives. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 14, 51-67.     Recent Presentations (Downloadable Handouts indicated)  Wolter, J., Ukrainetz, T., & Ross, C.(2016, November). The game is still the aim: Writing contextualized goals & monitoring progress in the schools. 2-hr seminar, ASHA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA. Ukrainetz, T.A., Petersen, D., Gillam, S. (2016, October). Interventions for oral and written language in school-aged children: Exposition, narration and curricular discourse. 1-hr webinar. ASHA Language, Learning, and Education Special Interest Group. Ukrainetz, T.A. (2016, October).Phonemic awareness & expository discourseintervention. Invited 6-hr presentation. Oregon Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference, Salem, OR. Ukrainetz, T.A. (2016, August).Intervention for narrative structure and text comprehension. Invited 6-hr presentation. Natrona County School District, Casper, WY. Ukrainetz, T.A. (2016, September).Text comprehension & expository discourse intervention. Invited 6-hr presentation. Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference, Topeka, KS. 



joined USU in January, 2017 after 21 years at the University of Wyoming. I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1995I am a Canadian-certified speech-language pathologist (M.S.’87, University of British Columbia) and worked as an SLP in a school district near Vancouver, Canada before earning my doctorate 

My research and scholarship pertain to the conceptual framework, procedures, and tools of school-age language assessment and treatment. I investigate how language assessments and treatments intersect with contexts of use and how to optimize these intersections so SLPs can make meaningful differences for students struggling with academic language and learning. My work is driven by the need for effective but practical interventions that tap the distinctive expertise of SLPs.  

I have authored two booksmore than 40 peer-reviewed and invited publications, and more than 100 research and clinical presentations on a broad range of topics pertaining to the practice of school speech-language pathology. My research studies have investigated the validity of norm-referenced tests and dynamic assessment, the efficacy and efficiency of phonemic awareness intervention, diverse aspects of narrative intervention, and the role of the school SLP. My attention has now turned to an area of urgent need for school SLPs: expository intervention. 

My current research investigates the effect of a novel note-taking instructional procedure on oral and written informational texts for older elementary students with language-related learning disabilities. This brief speak-and-sketch treatment systematically teaches graphic and written note-taking along with fluent oral expression. My research team is currently carrying out a study in a school district with fourth to sixth graders with language-related learning disabilities. We will have results to report at ASHA 2017, so stay tuned!