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The Utah State University Doctor of Audiology students are an active chapter of the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA). SAA is a service oriented student organization consisting of graduate students in the program. They are committed to helping communities within the realm of audiology.


SAA students and audiology faculty provide service locally and travel to various countries on an annual mission, known as Mission From The hEARt. They volunteer time and expertise to remote areas that lack hearing healthcare and are in need of professional attention. Since 2004, SAA has organized and been involved in annual missions to various cities in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Africa. Many patients in these remote areas have never had access to hearing healthcare and often require professional attention and intervention. Through SAA’s services, these missions have proved to be a success in helping many, and an unforgettable experience for all involved.

This program is administratively housed within the Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education (Lillywhite Building) and includes speech-language pathology, audiology, and deaf education. The Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education is part of the College of Education and Human Services.